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A lot further than just a meal tour. We appreciated the tour excessively and we will advise anyone visiting Athens.

-Maryana I. for "Mezedaki" tasting & cycling tour on eBike in Athens

The experience with the girls was amazing!!! They are excellent hosts and we learned about very interesting basics of traditional Greek dancing! Furthermore, the walk-in Plaka and the secrets they shared were totally out of any touristic guide.

-Stratos for Traditional dance lesson and walking tour in Plaka

I had a certainly FABULOUS time at Rhodes. Everything you organized proceeded smoothly as fabric. Simply great. Thanks again!

-Rahim L. for Rhodes City and local market tour

We had an excellent and significant period on our journey and it was a climax to meet you. You are very worried and you take the entirety critically. You are a real professional. It was a happiness to travel and accompany you. It was a very distinctive and great trip.

-Clelia M. for Private tour with a boat in Rhodes

The journey to taste the beverage was extraordinary. We have accomplished different complementary actions in the past but accompanying Mr. Alexander, was something different, thank you!

-Gerry T.  for Wine and Cheese tasting in Crete

Unforgettable tour! This is as expected force-do while in Athens. The tour was filled accompanying appealing dopes about old greek experiences, absolutely made clear by our astonishing tour guide. I will recommend it if you be going to enjoy visiting the Acropolis and understanding what those old grains mean.

-Angela S. for Ancient Athens segway tour