Water Experiences in Greece


As a country with over 20,000 kilometres of coastline and many seas, Greece is a paradise for water sports, leisure and fun for all kinds of people, professionals and amateurs, adults and of course kids. Blessed with many natural submarine attractions, golden sand beaches, sea caves, various traditions and over 6,000 islands of varying sizes, Greece can satisfy even the most demanding enthusiasts.

Greek Culture Tours


To visit Greece is like going back in time at least 5,000 years, in a virtual trip whwre the dividing line between myth and history becomes blurred very often. Hence, a Greek culture tour besides useful lessons and recrational leisure time, can also be milestones on the course of human history and the development of civilization!

Hiking in Greece


Greece is a perfect location for hiking and trekking, with so many beautiful routes little known to travellers. There are routes that go through luscious forests, ending up to amazing blue water beaches, along with paradise-like routes through waterfalls, rivers, and canyons. There is actually a huge range of options and locations, suitable both for the avid hiker and the novice one.

Wine Routes Experiences


The tradition of wine-making is a long and rich one in Greece, as is the case with all countries washed by the Mediterranean. Wine is associated not only with the nutritional habits of Greeks, but also with religious and popular traditions connected with its cultural heritage.

Wine Routes... in the City


Besides the traditional Wine Routes or other similar experiences, there is another type of tasting wine and touring at the same time without having to leave the urban area, in case of course you are not such a country type...

City Break Tourism


City Break according to the international term – is an emerging trend, mainly amongst experienced   travellers. It is directed at those people who do not simply wish for a ‘superficial’ stereotyped relationship with popular urban destinations, but who seek deeper knowledge of culture, the actual lifestyle, pace and true character of a city. Greek cities combine all the elements needed to attract the demanding visitor. Each Greek city has its own special colour and its entirely own urban character. Even cities with only a short distance between them have completely different features and qualities.

Greek Gastronomy Tours


One of the most authentic cultural elements of a place is gastronomy. The unique tastes of a destination’s cuisine are linked to the qualities and characteristics of its society and reveal an important piece of information regarding its cultural and economic history. At the same time, food is also a form of communication, a way to "speak" to someone's heart.