Are you looking to explore rocky bays, sandy beaches and the beauty of Rhodes' coastline? Or going on a submarine tour to discover the underwater world of Crete would be something that looks more interesting? Again, you may be a sport afficionado  who always is looking a reason to workout. Paddling on the unique turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea is definitely what you are looking for! Parasailing  Catamaran toursParascending and Windsurfing are also available. However, did you know that there are even sup-yoga sessions in case you want just to relax and clear your mind? Now you do...

Of course, Greece is the perfect place for divers, beginners or not, in Athens  and other places where you can have a real glimpse beneath the blue surface, in the “blue world”. Nature lovers and travellers with strong ecological awareness can have also the opportuniy to experience a really recreation experience and learn how the local ecosystem works, what changes have happened the last years, what is the future of the reef and what is our role in it

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