What is Localture ? How it works?

Localture is an online platform that explores every part of Greece with the purpose to bring together travellers and locals and offer original & living experiences that will make their holidays and leisure time unique. The ultimate goal is the visitors of Greece to learn as much as possible about the qualities, the features, the customs and the traditions of each place through the guidance and the direction of its residents.

The whole function is very simple. Each host uploads the experiences or the events that he/she offers in our platform and each guest/traveller selects what he/she wants to join in. That’s it! The next step is only joy and fresh experiences…

Note: Since the outbreak of the corona virus, our platform offers virtual experiences as well. Whereas the main philosophy remains the same, we are trying to expand the network in other forms of experiences, seeking the best ways to remain active through the tough days of the lockdown and the quarantine. So, a virtual experience could be a yoga or a cooking lesson that resembles the physical one, but also it could be an orthophony seminar, a creative writing course or life lessons in general from a famous singer, a prolificate writer or a guru in his/her field.

What is a “living experience”? Why to try it?

With the term ‘living experience’ we call a current global trend in Tourism through which travellers and tourists can view all the aspects of each place via a unique and distinct point of view, that only local people can offer. We are talking about things that a typical tourist package of a travel agency cannot offer. Apart from that, each guest/traveller takes an active part in the growth of the local community but also contributes to the perseverance of its culture and traditions.

How can I book a “living experience”?

It’s very simple. In the start page you select your destination and then you search for an experience. You only have to add the number of participants and the specific dates and… that’s it!

Note for Virtual Experiences: The procedure remains the same

Why to use our platform?

Our platform is a collective work made by people that have a profound knowledge of the touristic and cultural attractions of Greece, but also the Tourism Industry and the on-line transactions business, things that reassure the quality of service and of course the absolute security. Furthermore, Localture is not just an in-between platform as it is the usual case in the market. Our platform offers consulting services even after the end of each experience shaping thus a complete service from A to Z.

Where is Localture available?

We are putting a great effort to include as many possible places and experiences from all over Greece we can. Day by day, new destinations are being added in the platform reassuring the same time the perfect quality of service with the special attributes that meet our high standards.

Can I make multiple bookings?

You can book as many experiences as you wish, if – of course – your bookings do not overlap with each other!

Do I have to sign up in order to book an experience?

Let’s say that you meet a new friend. The first thing that you usually do is to introduce yourself! In Localture we are of the same opinion, meaning that we must first make your acquaintance before you make any reservation and inform accurately the hosts ensuring the safety and the quality of the transactions. Don’t worry though. This process is very easy. Just sign up and you are ready to go!

Can I cancel or change a booking?

You can cancel a reservation with no charge in case the host hasn’t accepted it by that time. From that moment and afterwards if you cancel it up to 5 days before the experience you will be charged up to 15% of the total cost of the experience. If you cancel it in less than 5 days, then unfortunately you will be charged with all the amount, so please schedule your plan thoughtfully. If by any chance your host cancels his/her event then of course you will be refurbished with the whole amount.

Note for Virtual Experiences: The procedure remains the same

What are the payment methods?

The available ways of payments are via credit/debit card and PayPal. Payment is being made upon the completion of each reservation.

What is included in the final price?

The final price is being set by the host according to the type of the experience, the costs and all relative taxes and surcharges implicated by the law. We strongly advise our hosts to keep their prices as much as possible down but we cannot interfere any further in their billing policy.

How can I learn more about each host and the services provided?

In each host’s profile there is a significant amount of information about them like photos, profession, hobbies, and general interests. All the personal data and information are being scrutinized and monitored by the administration team of Localture and some of them are prerequisite for any potential host to use our platform. Besides that, a very handful tool is the reviews of each experience where you can also contribute. However, if anything irregular or unreasonable catches your eye and you would like to share it with us, please contact directly at info@localture.com and if it is something we can help or assist we will surely do it.

How can I contact each host?

You can contact whenever you wish the host by sending a message though the text box “contact host” next to his photo. Upon the completion of your reservation you will receive his full info.

When am I going to have a response from the host?

For simple messages it is upon the host’s will and availability. For booking requests host has to respond within 48 hours or else the request is being cancelled automatically.

When I receive host’s contact details?

After you complete your reservation and the host accepts it, we shall send you automatically his contact details.

Can I pay the host during the experience?

We’d like you to feel during the experience just like you are along with some friends. Usually when we are among friends there aren’t involved any money transactions. Eager to support this kind of feeling we do not promote payments during or after the course of an experience.

Can I make reviews?

After the end of an experience we will contact you via email in order to share with us your views, your comments and your final review about the host and his service. This a very important process in order to make our platform better but also to inform other travellers for all the relative issues.

Who do I contact in case of a query or issue?

Any time you need to contact us you can do it through email at info@localture.com and we will respond definitely within 24 hrs. For instant access you may find us also in messenger.

What are the supported languages of the platform?

The supported languages of the platform are English and Greek.

Can I pay in any currency?

Each payment is being processed in Euro. If you use another currency you can pay normally in Euro and your bank will make the conversion to your currency automatically.

Why do I file my personal data? What precautions Localture takes for the safety of my personal data?

The information that you put in our platform are all the kind of info that your potential host needs to have in mind in order to adjust or even correct his/her experience to meet your requirements. The rest are private and personal and are being filed and kept strictly confidential, severely protected by the Greek and EU Law and the GDP Regulation.

I forgot my username/password

You can request a new password or retrieve your username, by clicking at “forgot password” and “forgot username”. Place you email and you will receive the respective notification automatically.